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Dealing with home renovations, especially fixing up your roof, can be stressful. We know replacing a roof is a big investment, and we want you to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. With our crew, you can relax knowing your home is taken care of.

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Our Reviews

Our Client Success Stories

Our passion for top-notch craftsmanship, reliable solutions, and attentive customer service has left our customers smiling and sharing their positive experiences. We're here to make every project a warm and worry-free journey.

Eric D.

Travis and Emma worked very fast and very professional. I had hail damage like a lot of people in my area and they had my new roof up only a week after the claim. TRAVLERS (insurance company) was a real nightmare to deal with but Emma and Travis were relentless in making sure the claim was handled. Thank you Homefront!

Gary M.

We loved the professionalism that Travis & Emma brought this project. Within 12 hours the old roof was removed and a new roof replaced it. They cleaned up their materials, protected my many gardens(!) Homefront Exteriors earned our trust and respect! Give them a call, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed either!

Alicia J.

They did an excellent job on my roof, siding and gutters! I have been screwed by a contractor before so I was really skeptical and apprehensive going into this situation. They had everything done in a month from start to finish! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality job done in a timely fashion.

Quality Roofing: From Contact to Clean-up!

You deserve excellence, so how do we make sure you get it? It starts with excellent customer service backed by reliable communication, industry-leading manufacturers, and a clean-up so good that you won’t even know we were there! Your home and your family are worth protecting, so we don’t compromise on quality. Our installations are crafted with longevity, giving you peace of mind for the future.

Your Very Own Ice Dam Demolition Squad!

Ice dams can be a real headache, especially when heavy snow melts during the day and refreezes at night, creating a cycle of melting and refreezing. This process can lead to water and ice working their way under your shingles, eventually causing damage to your attic, ceilings, walls, and even your belongings. That’s where Home Front Exteriors comes in. Our specialized ice dam removal services are designed to tackle this issue head-on, protecting your home from potential damage and giving you peace of mind. With our expertise, you can trust us to handle your ice dam problems effectively and efficiently, so you can enjoy a worry-free winter.

Our process

Our Process Makes It Easy!

step one

Say Hello!

After we chat, you will be assigned a Field Representative who will be able to schedule a meeting with you within 24 hours (based on your availability!)

step two


Our field rep will evaluate the scope of the project and then provide a clear assessment. Once the quote is accepted, we will go over the project details.

step three

Work Begins

It’s finally time for production! Our shingle and metal roofing projects can be completed in one day, depending on the size and scope of your roof!

step four

Wrap Up

We will do a final walk-through, add finishing touches, and clean up. After you’re fully satisfied, we send out the final invoice to wrap it up.

Give Your Budget A Break!

We want you to have the best experience with your roofing journey which means, we partner with the best in the financing industry. When you choose Enhancify, you gain the flexibility to finance your projects seamlessly. With competitive rates and options to create personalized payment plans, you get quality and affordability without compromise. Say goodbye to budget constraints and hello to a stress-free roofing experience tailored to your financial needs.

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Your Problems, Our Solutions:
Creating Success Together

“We pride ourselves on solving our customer’s problems – our goal is to be your solution! From high-quality products to a dedicated point of contact on every job, we want you to be fully satisfied with the result.”

Travis Monahan // Owner & CEO





Quality Workmanship


Need Answers? Look No Further!

Do you offer insurance claim assistance?

Yes and no! We are not insurance adjusters ourselves, but we do have two insurance broker partners that we trust to assist you with any insurance matters related to your project. You are responsible for your own claim and deductible, but we are happy to provide you with photo and damage documentation. 

What’s your typical turnaround time on a job?

Our typical turnaround time for jobs varies depending on the project and the size of the property. For same-day roof replacement, which includes shingle and metal roofs, we aim to complete the job promptly within the same day. For cedar shakes, we strive for a three-day turnaround to ensure quality and efficiency. Siding projects typically take us 2-3 days to complete, ensuring that we deliver the same high-quality workmanship and attention to detail that we’re known for.

How soon can you get to my house for an inspection after I  first contact you? 

As soon as someone calls, we assign a field representative to be there within 24 hours (depending on your availability of course!)

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