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Who should I call when I have a leak?

April 16, 2024


Written By: Home Front Exteriors

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Leaky roofs happen more often than we think and at the most inconvenient times. Fixing them can be daunting and if ignored, can cause a lot more damage than if we just had taken care of it as soon as we noticed it. Preventing leaks is 100% possible if you take the time and effort to have your roof checked or maintenance. Once great way to avoid leaks before they come is having your property scheduled for annual inspections conducted by licensed contractors. A lot of homeowners just call the local home inspector guy. He comes along and checks for your basic smoke detectors and if your framing is 16” on center, but never will take the extra time to fully inspect the home to ensure everything is where it needs to be. I am going to give you an example of a situation where a homeowner called an inspector and a leak detection company, and never found the root to the problem until they called the licensed General Contractor.

In an area affected by hail we were installing 2 roofs on the same street in the month of June in 2023. A neighbor of our current customers called us over for a roof inspection. Keep in mind it was only due to their 2 other neighbors having new roofs put on.

The couple who called us over made us aware before inspecting the home that their basement had been gutted in one room due to a leak that they originally thought was coming from a pipe or toilet from a bathroom directly above that room on the 1st floor.

They had home inspectors and a leak detection company come into the home and look everywhere to try and find this leak and could never find where it was coming from. Once we hopped on the roof, we noticed the Bathroom pipe boot, which is just a rubber 3-4” flashing to cover the pvc pipe that comes through the roof, had been deteriorated. The pipe boot cover, over time, and years of sun exposure, had expanded and contracted and eventually cracked causing water to run down the pipe and water intrusion into the home.

Had a general contractor looked at the roof before they decided to tear apart their whole basement interior to find the leak, they’d have avoided the costly repairs and having to file a claim for this damage.

Once the roof was examined, it was noted that the roof obtained the same hail damage to their shingles just as the neighbors did and didn’t even know it. Once we addressed where the leak was coming from, we inspected the entire home, roof & exterior and we were able to help them get a full roof replacement approved by their insurance carrier.

Knowing they already had a claim open, for the interior, we suggested filing a claim for the roof. Once we provided evidence that the leak had been from the roof from the beginning, the carrier was able to merge both claims for the insured and they were only out one deductible for the entire loss.

The importance of knowing who to call in such a scary situation is crucial. Putting your home in the hands of others is even more scary. This is your biggest investment! Make sure to call a licensed general contractor who knows what to look for and cares about your investment the same way you do!


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